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Brand FAQs

What is RepRally?


RepRally is a next-generation CPG distribution platform. We utilize our technology to enable field sales representatives across the country to sell your products directly to local stores.

How is this different from Faire?


Unlike Faire, RepRally enables sales reps to sell your products directly to local stores. (We love Faire and encourage you to use them as well!) However, approximately 99% of retailers do not make direct purchases on these wholesale portals; instead, they buy through sales reps. We help you unlock that market instantly.

Who are your sales reps?


We thoroughly vet and qualify our sales reps. RepRally users have extensive experience across top CPG manufacturing and traditional distribution businesses. Many of our reps have pre-existing relationships with their retail customers.

What kind of stores do reps target?


Our reps target independent retail channels, including but not limited to grocery, convenience, food services, coffee shops, cafes, smoke shops, and liquor stores. We also have local chains across the country. We leave the national accounts to you!

Are you a beauty or wellness brand? We also have reps who cater to salons, pharmacies and beauty supply stores. Please reach out!

How do I fulfill orders?


Once you have access to the RepRally platform, you will receive inbound wholesale purchase orders. All you need to do is put our packing slip into the box and add the tracking code into our system (within 2 business days).

Shopify users:
If you are a Shopify user, you can sync your RepRally orders to your Shopify. You can do this directly on your RepRally portal.
- Tracking info: RepRally automatically extracts tracking information from your Shopify.
- RepRally Packing Slips: Shopify users can also find our packing slips attached to their orders.

What is RepRally’s pricing?


Our platform fee is a standard 5%. We only charge on successful orders. There are no monthly fees or upfront costs. There is a separate commission for our sales reps that varies by product category. We work together to determine the appropriate commission!

How do I onboard onto the platform?


Our onboarding process is very simple. Just submit your application with contact information, and we'll reach out! We process a high volume of brand submissions, so please bear with us!

Once we're in contact, it will take a 30-minute onboarding call to get onboarded.

When do we receive payment?


We pay out brands net-30 of delivery. We centralize payments from your wholesale orders into one payment from RepRally. We use Stripe as our payment partner.

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